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Josée Lemelin

Health and Safety Advisor and Paralegal
Josée Lemelin

Josée Lemelin

Health and Safety Advisor and Paralegal

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Ms. Lemelin works in the field of health and safety at work since 1993. Acting as a paralegal early in her career in the litigation department of the CSST (now CNESST), she then goes to the private sector working for a law firm serving employers. She subsequently developed a rich expertise in managing claims for occupational injuries with a major consulting firm, providing services to employers from various industries members of a prevention mutual or submitted to the retrospective financing of the CNESST's compensation regime and prevention-inspection programs. Before joining our firm, she served as an occupational health and safety consultant with a private company in the construction field. She devotes her practice to the strategic management of claims for occupational injuries on behalf of our clients and prepares hearings before the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT), occupational health and safety matters division. She is also an instructor and contributes to the firm’s publications.

Academic training
  • Université de Montréal - Certificate - Occupational health and safety  - 2001
  • Collège Ahuntsic - Diploma of College Studies (DCS) - Legal techniques - 1993
5 tricks and tips to make the best of managing your occupational injuries cases

Being proactive in managing cases of occupational injury, does that ring a bell? Are you among those who simply respond when they receive medical certificates and decisions by the CNESST, or rather among those who know from the outset the date of the next medical assessment of the employee on medical leave and who try to influence the upcoming decision? Are you inclined to concur with the opinion of the employee’s physician or do you exercise the rights available to you under the AIAOD, as soon as possible, to bring the cost of a claim down to a minimum? Upstream action, with an overall realistic understanding of the case, instead of reacting to events as they come, can make all the difference in terms of financial outcomes.

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Managing employment injuries: the basics of cost control - Day 1 - Initiation

Sound management of employment injuries means taking effective, timely actions. In the context of this workshop, new managers will gain the basic knowledge they need to assess the eligibility of employment injury claims and to challenge them. They will know how to set up a temporary assignment, and when and how to activate the medical assessment process. They will learn to make effective use of the challenge mechanisms provided by law.

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Strategic management of employment injuries: what if you could do even better? Day 2 - Development

Despite appropriate actions taken in managing employment injury claims, some cases can get past even the most seasoned managers. Due to their medical complexity, or the recurring issues they involve and that impede the effectiveness of your actions, such cases often require a great deal of energy, with little results. Learn to control costs and to optimize management in such complex cases. This workshop will review applicable solutions in cases involving fraudulent claims, as well as obstacles to setting up a temporary assignment and to the medical assessment. In addition, we will address the importance of a consistent challenge strategy in order to minimize the duration of compensation.

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