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Labour and employment law specialists, the experts at Le Corre offer employers pragmatic, advantageous and innovative solutions. The occupational health and safety division works toward achieving strategic business goals, namely controlling costs, reducing contributions and reducing absenteeism.

Le Corre is also known for its training workshops and publications in specific topics pertaining to labour law and occupational health and safety, which help employers to better deal with the daily legal framework in which their businesses operate.

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We are a Quebec law firm specialized in labour and employment law, at the service of both unionized and non-unionized employers. We provide legal representation to numerous large and small private employers in different fields of business, as well as to organizations from the public and parapublic sectors. Our thorough knowledge of the labour environment, laws, codes, standards and rulings allow us to provide employers and businesses with quick answers and concrete solutions.

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To the exclusive service of employers

To the exclusive service of employers, Le Corre offers training workshops and publications on subjects solely pertaining to labour law. Both these tools help managers and human resources professionals to deal more effectively with the daily legal framework of their businesses.


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