There is nothing in the LSA that allows an employee to be absent when her cat dies

Release date: December 2, 2018

A representative with four months' service filed a complaint for psychological harassment and a complaint for prohibited practice. She alleged that her supervisor made derogatory comments to her and that she was watching her excessively. As for the prohibited practice complaint, the employee alleged that the employer refused to pay her for a day of work from home, while the employer alleged that he granted the employee a leave of absence without pay upon the death of her cat. First, the court dismissed the psychological harassment complaint. The employee did not agree with the way her supervisor behaved towards her, which could sometimes be curt and undiplomatic, but a reasonable person in the same circumstances would not conclude that she was a victim of harassment. As for the prohibited practice complaint, it was also dismissed, as there is nothing in the Act respecting labour standards that allows an employee to be absent due to the death of a pet.

Dumais v. 124670 Canada Ltd. 2018 QCTAT 3574, Administrative Judge Sylvain Allard

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