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Health crisis obliges, we have, with regret, postponed important events of our lives or underlined them without the proper celebration: new babies, university beginnings of our oldest “babies”, diplomas and swearing-in, changes of decade for our friends, colleagues, postponements of weddings…. But there is a joyful event that we do not want to pass over in silence: next May 1st marks the 30th anniversary of our cabinet! Even though we are highlighting it without fanfare, we are happy with the progress made, in particular the challenges recently taken on.


In the course of the year 2020, we unfortunately lost our founder, Me Claude Le Corre, inspiring and visionary, with whom we would have liked to review the history of his avant-garde firm, which has now become our own. More than a place of work, he has created a family to which new members are constantly being added. We pass on to them, as a jealously guarded recipe, the values he imbued us with: integrity, work ethic, accessibility, excellence, determination, innovative solutions. We are proud of this legacy.

Through this precious legacy, we have been able to give the best of ourselves during these recent months which have changed the face of the workplace as we knew it. Work meetings, strategic advice, negotiations and preparation for hearings have often taken virtual paths, hitherto rarely used.

Our workshops and conferences have reached you in another way, wherever you were, always seeking to address your concerns, mostly new in these troubled times. You have remained faithful to us, which proves that times have changed, but not our common values.

Thank you for everything and long life to you, to us and to creativity!

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