Scope of practice

Our lawyers represent and counsel employers in all aspects of labour and employment law and health and safety.

Health & Safety

The specialist approach

Our occupational health and safety lawyers and professionals provide legal representation and advice to employers in all matters of occupational health and safety. The quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their interventions speak for themselves in terms of compensation, prevention/inspection and financing:

  • Representation before the CNESST, the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT), division santé et sécurité, and courts of law
  • Conciliation
  • Strategic advice
  • Managing and challenging claims (eligibility, rehabilitation and return to work)
  • Physical and/or psychological injuries, and harassment
  • Claims related to air quality, work-related pulmonary diseases, occupational deafness, intoxication, etc.
  • Coordinating medical assessments and expert reports
  • Dividing and transferring charged costs
  • Protective re-assignment
  • Work refusal
  • Classification
  • Contribution
  • Complaints to the CNESST regarding prohibited measures
  • Penal infractions
  • Strategic analysis of management practices
  • Company policies
  • Customized training and individual coaching
  • Interpretation and application of laws and regulations

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